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Mike Rogero This site is a chronicle of things and places that I have enjoyed, photographed, written about or just was blessed enough to pass and which I have put out on the web to share with you hopefully to bring a smile, save you the trouble of my mistakes or take you on a journey to places yet unknown to you. This is the world that I have passed through, I hope you will find the tracks enjoyable!more...
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( 2005-03-16 ) I've moved to Fontainebleau, France to enjoy Period 4 of the MBA program in the French Spring. My mobile has changed to +33 6 7701-0083 which is a temporary mobile number only valid until 2005/04/30). The last break I was diving in Sipidan, Malaysia and just returned from San Francisco in the US with updates to come soon hopefully.

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( 2004-11-30 Segway ! ) Writing a strategy paper at INSEAD has some benefits. When we called Segway and told them we were analyzing their market value curves and would like to see if the machines lived up to their promises, we got an afternoon "gliding" the toy around the INSEAD campus...

( 2004-11-09 INSEAD Halloween! ) Our Period 2 at INSEAD has started and the pressure just gets worse and worse… fortunately we all know each other now, and we have learned how to party together! Check out the Halloween cruise photos to see what life in Singapore is really like!

( 2004-08-30 The INSEAD ride begins! )
The ling road that started in Taiwan four years ago, then went 15,000 kilometers over India, had me sitting in cafe's in Nepal during the monsoons has finally ended with the goal of starting at INSEAD. The program and people are unbelievable and it is going to be a heck of a ride! Updates on if this dream turned out to be all I thought it would be to come...

( 2004-03-08 New Contact Information / Map & Google )
To make it easier to find out where I am, and what time it is there which is something I am often asked, I have added map and local time info in the contact page. There is also a new link to "Google Me" with my full, shortened and Chinese names for anyone looking to dig up any skeletons in my past. Ah...the internet age where one's life is truly an open book.

( 2004-02-11 New Photo Galleries - Valparaiso and Chile Vineyards )
The first two photo galleries from my travels in South America are up with shots of a trip to the wonderful little town of Valparaiso as well as from a weekend in the vineyards near Santiago and then to the beaches along the coast.

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